Crate Training

Crate Training

When purchasing crate for your puppy remember that sides of the crate should be stiff and durable to provide for your dog his very own safe, special place.  Crate Training should be pleasant and combine with game. From the beginning you should introduce puppy to the crate. Place your clean crate in the middle of the room with door fully open and place a toy in the crate. Let the puppy walk around, sniff, go inside pick the toy and go back outside. Play with the toy for a while. Next throw in a treat and let puppy to get in and get it. Now close the door just for few seconds and then let puppy out and repeat play with the treat lengthening the time of closed door until puppy is able to stay in the crate up to 5 minutes. During crate training when door is closed try to get out of puppy site. Don’t open when puppy is whining. Open it when he is quiet. Keep crate open during play time and let puppy to run in and out freely. Never punish puppy by locking him up in the crate as it should be his sanctuary, his safest place and resting spot.

Crate training can help you with the potty training, but the crate should be just big enough for your puppy to stand up and turn around. If the crate is too big, its far corner could become his potty place. Do not feed your puppy just before locking him up in the crate for many hours. Plan to give him food about two hours earlier and let him relief himself outside before resting in crate. Always plan to take your dog outside just after releasing him from the crate.

It is recommended to go through crate training with the puppy if you are planning to travel with your dog or you participate in dog shows in the future.

How To Potty Train A Puppy

A young puppy has a very small bladder, and they dot have the ability to control it. The more they drink, the more often they have to urinate. You have to be prepared for eventual accidents.

Choose a place you want your puppy to go potty. It should be close, easy accessible and easy to clean. Choice of the potty place will differ depending on your living condition. If you live in apartment building, you may choose a pen placed in your bathroom. If you live in a house with the yard you probably would choose just closest outdoors. If you are often out of the house living your puppy alone at home you might consider crate training.

1.    How to potty train a puppy using pen

Prepare pen lined with tissue paper or training pads. Training pads attract puppy to pee on them with scent.

Schedule feeding time to be able to predict when puppy needs to poop. It happens just after the meal.

Observe puppy’s behaviour. When you notice that puppy is starting to pee, pick him up and set in the pen to finish his business. If any urine got dropped, clean it very well to get rid of smell and not attract puppy to this spot again.

Set puppy on the pen just after he wakes up. This is most likely moment for need of relief.

Schedule your walks with puppy outdoors to start accustom him to relief himself during walks.

Slowly start taking away some tissue paper from pen.

2.    How to potty train a puppy using outdoors

After each meal send the puppy outdoors or take him for a walk.

Closely observe how often puppy needs to urinate and each time grab him and physically place him outside. Award him with cheerful voice and happy smile whenever he completes his business outside.

3.   How to potty train a puppy using crate

Refer to “crate training” to learn how to introduce puppy to the crate first.

Use a crate when you can’t watch your puppy.

If your puppy pees on the carpet use vinegar and water, or specialized cleaner to get rid of smell

To be able to observe puppy when out of crate, you can tie the leash to your around your waist and make puppy to follow you wherever you go.

Schedule often walks outdoors